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STRESS Sufferer:
Is your Personality killing You?TM

Don't Survive - THRIVE

Stress, Job burnout. Let me ask you a question: Do you know someone that has died of a heart attack?

What did Frank Sinatra, Edsel Ford, and Nelson Rockefeller - the 41st Vice President of the United States - and many more - all have in common?

They all put their pants on - just like you and I do. They all had dreams and desires (and they accomplished greatness in their lifetime). And, they all died of a heart attack.

Does that shake you up - down to your bones, or what?

Dear friend;

We were all born with a personality. It defines who we are, how we behave, act, and don't act. It is so unique that NO ONE else on this planet, dead, living, or not yet born...has your personality. It is what makes you special.

You've heard it said that "Sometimes, we are our OWN worst enemy"...right?

But, is your personality hurting, or helping you get through this journey called "Life"?

How many of the SIX questions can you answer YES to?

Are you in Job Burnout mode?
Do you find yourself getting ANGRY or MAD far to often?
Are you FRUSTRATED because you bring your job home with you?
Are you scared because you've been laid off, or WORRIED that you will be?
Do you get stressed out because there is NOT ENOUGH TIME in the day to get things done?
Do you Know someone who has had a heart attack or stroke?

If you answered a resounding "YES!" to just ONE of the six questions above, you need to read this entire page today!

Before you continue...please ask yourself these questions:

   Do you think you would benefit from having LESS stress in your life?

   Can you imagine how relaxed you will feel when you learn to lower your stress level and put that joy back in your life?

   Visualize how happy your family will be when you return home from a long day at work relaxed, and stress-free.

   Does your blood boil when someone cuts you off on the freeway? Can you admit to yourself "you scare the living kazibbers out of your family when you are behind the wheel?

   Do you know the right way to deal with job stress?

Husband Read From Cover to Cover, November 4, 2006
My husband is recovering from a recent major heart attack. He couldn't put this book down. It is very inspirational and informational for anyone faced with such a life alternating traumatic episode.
Excellent for family members to read as well.
- Barbara W.

In a nutshell
you must learn to do two things WELL -
if you are to lead a HAPPY, SATISFIED

Stress-Free Lifestyle

One - Learn how to avoid the very situations in life that stress you out in the first place. You need to avoid the LANDMINES that life tosses your way.

Two - You must learn stress-reducing techniques that you can use ANYTIME you feel yourself getting stressed out.

Heart Attack Survivor - a field guide is like a Laser beam missile targeting system that points out where your stress is and how to eliminate it...FAST,...but only if you practice the techniques offered to you.

Take that first step right now to a stress-free life style - by investing in your future - one filled with stress-free days and blissful nights.

Here's just a few reasons why INVESTING in
Heart Attack Survivor
will benefit you personally

   Know why road rage can kill you. Chapter 7 reveals one technique on handling road rage that will benefit you for the rest of your life. It's childs play.

   What is your personality type: Are you a type A or type B? Chapter 11 will teach you the benefit of knowing your personality type and how to use it to your advantage in your personal, as well as professional life.

   Do you ever wonder why you get all the tough breaks in life? Benefit from being handed impossible tasks. Chapter 2 answers the question: "Why me".

   Learn the true benefit of getting enough exercise: Chapter 23 shows you a greater POWER beyond puffed up muscles.

   We all have adversity in our lives: Chapter 34 show you the benefit to using adversity to your advantage.

   Chapter 38 reveals the link between Faith, Health and healing.

   We all know our family pet is our best friend : Chapter 37 shows you the true reason to have a cat or dog.

Other great reasons why owning your personal copy of Heart Attack Survivor
will be the best investment you ever made in dealing with the stress and frustration in your life.

   Create revolutionary ways to change personality flaws which are making you susceptible to heart attacks.

   Learn how to Engage the power of laughter, meditation, imagination and balance to heal yourself from within.

   Break the grip of feelings of loss and denial after stress attack.

   Learn how To establish new stress reduction techniques to live a fuller life.

   Techniques in this book show you how to Dismantle fear and apprehension to break free forever.

   Immediately lower your risk of future heart attacks.

   Read how to Eliminate all of your dependency on credit card stress triggers forever.

   Secrets of proper nutrition for ultimate longevity- giving you the best guidelines for diet, vitamins and other important supplements to lower your risk factors.

   Safely resume sexual activity after heart trauma.

   And Much More.

Time Out:


"12 Tips for Relieving Stress Today"

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What Readers are Saying about Heart Attack Survivor ...

Jody Sasaki, Eight-time National Black Belt NBL Champion says ""Heart Attack Survivor" is a must read. This is not just a book about surviving. It's really about how to W.I.N. in life despite all the challenges we all encounter. ( W.I.N. "What's Important Now" - Keith Harrell). Educational, Entertaining, Inspiring and motivating. Brad's insights capture your "heart". If you are beginning your journey towards a better life or you are already on your quest for enlightenment, this book is for you. I've always said, "The Quest for Success begins Within". I couldn't think of a better place to begin... start with the Heart."

Dick Butkus, NFL Hall of Famer and Chicago Bear Legend has graciously said about "Heart Attack Survivor" I picked up your book at Steve Thomas BMW last Thurs. Friday I had a flight from LAX to Pittsburgh and I couldn't put the book down the whole trip! So much of the "stuff" one goes thru after an attack or even the 5-way bypass I experienced was dealt with in a very thought provoking manner. It is Sunday night and I have tried a few of the suggestions and can honestly say that there has been a change in my attitude in two short days. I have roughly 787 marbles to go! Thank you for reminding me to make them all count,

Dr. Richard Carlson, author of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" says about Heart Attack Survivor - a field guide "Practical, helpful, and full of great life-affirming advice. Anyone with a heart, healthy or not, will enjoy this book!"

Ted Gallup, a physical therapist and the Wellness Director at a large Nursing Facility said about "Heart Attack Survivor" I am a 43 year old man who survived a massive heart attack on Dec 1, 2003. Being a physical therapist and the Wellness Director at a large Nursing Facility, I have the background knowledge to lead a healthy life, but I succombed to poor genetics. I have been a runner for 30 years, practiced and taught yoga and tai chi, and ate lowfat healthy foods for years, but still stress and family history lead to this cardiac event. My good fortune is that my pre-condition was so good that my recovery is expected to be speedy and hopefully full. I am focusing on continueing to do all the right things, and in addition attempt to lower my stress levels. Your book has been my constant companion this last week as I rest and begin cardiac rehab. I recommended the field guide to my cardiac nurse. Thank you for being out there! I am sure the book will make a difference in my life beyond what it already has.

Candy Finn, Ventura, CA, "I only wish there had been a book like this when my dad had his heart attack. Thanks Brad, for taking the time to help all of us, Not just the Heart Attack Survivors. I have read this book cover to cover and found it to be very uplifting to both mind and spirit. I came away a better person©—"

Nancy Paul, M.A,. Marriage & Family Therapist, Ventura, CA, "Brad tells his story with passion and personality. This book is filled with practical ideas, humor and inspiration. It will be a useful tool for anyone who needs to de-stress."

A Handbook for Mental and Physical Health - Dr. Stephan Ogenstad from North Andover, MA "Having been working in medical and pharmaceutical research for over 20 years, I have never before come across a handbook for mental and physical health like Heart Attack Survivor: A Field Guide by Brad Hanson. This book gives not only a warm and wise discernment of what is important in daily life, but is also a highly practical guide to how to avoid a too early ending of anyone's life. In the stressful world we are living in, this is a book that should be in everyone's possession. Highly recommended! "

Like Chicken Soup for the Soul - Only Tastier! - Ira Lovitch from Los Angeles, CA "If you like self-help books, you'll love this one. Although the title targets heart attack survivors, this book is worth reading by anybody who thinks they could enhance the quality of their life, or would like to live a longer, more satisfying life. The personal stories submitted to the author are unique and inspirational, and author Henson's own comments are entertaining yet instructive. If you want to live a better life-read this book...and if you have a spouse, be sure your spouse does too!"

A great guide - good for everyone. - Keith Stracke from Northern California "This is really the only current book that I can find on this topic. I came across it in a small, independent bookstore just the other day. The owner said she just got them in. The concept of this book really hit home as being easy to read and very, very informative. I especially like the comments and quotes from people in each chapter. Chapters flow into each other and make a logical progression. I loved the Chapter on being assertive and saying, "No!". A good read. I highly recommend it

Sound financial advice that I would give any of my clients. - Scott R. Alexander, MBA, Registered Financial Advisor and Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter "As a financial advisor for many years, I can see the benefits of keeping your debt under control and having it not control you, which Brad brings forth in his book Heart Attack Survivor - a field guide.

"The book was really GREAT and ENJOYABLE." - D. Yourch , Puerto Rico "I plan to read it several more times and keep it handy for future reference."

"A Guide for Living" - Vi Elvaker, Camarillo, CA.

You get ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) of your money's worth!

Time is critical when you are under stress. Where to turn to, who to talk to, and what to do first, second, and third is absolutely important to protect you and your sanity and possibly your life. When you find out your personal life has been destroyed, you are angry, frustrated, and can't think straight...when you need to do just that.

I've lived through a stress-induced heart attack. Coming out of that experience, I have spent literally thousands of hours gathering up-to-date, accurate and timely information for you to apply to your life - today.

I would normally charge over $200 per hour to provide this information to my clients. Because I was an stress victim once, my goal is to get this knowledge to you as quickly as possible, and at a price we can all afford.

We can't lower the price any more than it is

For the limited time only, we have decided to offer a very-low market penetration price of $24.95 $19.95!

If you respond right away...

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Dick Butkus, NFL Hall of Famer and Chicago Bear Legend has said about "Heart Attack Survivor" I picked up your book at Steve Thomas BMW last Thurs. Friday I had a flight from LAX to Pittsburgh and I couldn't put the book down the whole trip! So much of the "stuff" one goes thru after an attack or even the 5-way bypass I experienced was dealt with in a very thought provoking manner. It is Sunday night and I have tried a few of the suggestions and can honestly say that there has been a change in my attitude in two short days. I have roughly 787 marbles to go! Thank you for reminding me to make them all count,

Here's how to order right now!

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Free Bonus E-Book # 3:   The Magic Story - by Frederic Van Rensselaer Dey: Walk side-by-side as Mr. Currier recounts his startling tale of resurrection from the pit of despair, poverty and contemplated a victor and conqueror of his own destiny. Learn as he did: and put to practice the SIX secrets finally revealed between this books front and back cover.

You can't lose with our 100%,
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By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee:

"Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with our product, just contact us (or send the product back) within 2 months (8 weeks from the date of purchase) and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings."

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Downloadable E-books

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To your stress-free success,

brad henson signature

P.S. Soldiers in the United States Armed Forces train day and night - even in peacetime - in preparation for that eventful day that they have to go off and fight. They know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The information provided in "Heart Attack Survivor - a field guide " is so important to your personal safety and well-being, can you afford not to get your own copy today and have it ready in case you need it?

P.P.S. I get asked day-in and day-out the same question: "Brad, why did you take time out of your busy schedule to write this e-book, and put up this website? You could keep this information to yourself, so why share it?

The answer to this is always the same.

This book is about how to deal with STRESS, by showing people how not to have their first heart attack, or helping them through the aftermath if they have already had one.

This book is about giving people hope and showing them a great way to live their lives.

Here is the bottom line: This is not a dress rehersal...this life we live. This is the ONLY shot we have to get it right. Why not live the most outragiously successful, happy, contented and worthwhile life you can? We are in the business of teaching you how to live a "No-limit" lifestyle and to successfully deal with "Stress events" in your life. Our editorial content will be a vessel to "inform" you through the use of how-to's to promote Possitive life-strategies for living a long abundantly radiant life.

Plain and Simple, really. We want to take what Commander Spook from Star Trek fame so well stated: Live long and prosper. Our goal is help you get there.

I very much agree that this information is extremely valuable.

There's tons of information out on the Internet for the taking. The problem is - its just raw data, or its written by people that haven't lived it. I have and want to share what I have learned.

My goal is to give people a roadmap, and a light at the end of their tunnel. I believe in helping people. I don't worry about the payback. It will happen, because I have a strong belief that people love to help people.

My only goal is to get accurate information to those that need it the most.

A few final thoughts before you go.

If you could solve just one of life's stressful situations - and solve it in a way that would directly benefit you, would it agree that it might be worth 10, 20, 100, or 1000 times more than the cost of this book?

How much would it be worth to you to learn how NOT to be angry?

I mean, lets be real here. What is true peace of mind worth to YOU? To your FAMILY? To your COWORKERS?

A night at the local drinking establishment might cost you 10 times what this $19.95 book will cost you...RIGHT?

Here's the clincher: Sometimes in life, the only way to solve a problem is take ACTION. This is one of those times.

What if...

Someone walked up to you and handed you a key, and said "this key unlocks a door that holds secrets to relieving your pain, anguish, and hurt in your life.

But, all you have to do is place THIS key in THAT door - right over there, to reach in and pull out the secret.

I ask you. Knowing you now have the key, AND knowing where that door is: could you afford NOT to take action and place that key in the lock?

Ask yourself this: buy the time you come to the realization of the benefits of that key, would it be too late, because you didn't act?

ACT Now! BUY Now! Satisfaction is always guaranteed. Please Click Here to download your own copy!

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